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Cowboy Cookies For Labor Day Weekend

Here in the US, we are celebrating a long weekend and Labor Day.  The day was set aside years ago to honor all the labor force of the US and give them a day off from work.  It also symbolizes the end of Summer, especially if you have school age children.  The great thing about being semi-retired is that Summer does not end until the days start to become cooler later in September.

When I thought of recipes for the weekend, I wanted to share a cookie recipe with you.  i don’t remember my Mother or Grandmother ever making cookies from scratch unless it was brownies.  I don’t know why.  They baked cakes and pies but never cookies.  I have baked cookies sometimes and I love to bake them at Christmas.

I had a friend that made these cowboy cookies and would share them with us at work.  However, she would not share the recipe.  Back in the 80’s when we would clip recipes from the newspaper or magazines, I saw this recipe and knew immediately it was on the one my friend used.  Honestly, I have never made these cookies but I know from the taste they would be great for any occasion.  My friend did bake them perfectly and they were very chewy.  I love oatmeal in a cookie and there is one of my favorite ingredients in this cookie, coconut.

cowboy cookies

I totally respect people that make the decision not to share a recipe; however, I think when we share them we are sharing traditions, friendship and joy.  If you are in the US, I hope you enjoy the long weekend and I do plan to enjoy the day with Mr. D so there will not be a post to this blog on Monday.  Thanks for stopping by.












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  1. I have made Cowboy Cookies…. I made them BIG and added pecans and dried cranberries. I think I made them for a special event at church and they were a huge hit.


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