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Scheibers Jolly Mill Restaurant’s Apple Struedel Recipe

Today is our 44th wedding anniversary.  As we celebrate our special day, I wanted to share a restaurant where we celebrated our anniversary about 25 years ago in Elkin, North Carolina.  I had planned so many of our anniversary celebrations and I told Mr. D it was his turn to plan our celebration.  I was a little sceptical but I decided I would just see what he came up with.  One day he came in and said we are going to Scheibers Jolly Mill Restaurant in Elkin, North Carolina.  I had never heard of the restaurant and I had never been to Elkin, NC.  He traveled all over the western part of North Carolina as part of his job and would tell me about places we should visit.  Elkin is about two hours from our home here in Conover so I couldn’t wait to see what would develop.  The restaurant was owned by Stefan Scheiber from Austria.  The setting is a beautiful old mill and I remember how great the atmosphere was and the sound of the rushing water.  The food was delicious and I do remember that as the best sauerbraten I have ever eaten.  The restaurant was very busy the night we visited and I remember that they had run out of something we requested.  At the end of the meal, they gave us a complimentary apple strudel and yes, it was the best apple strudel I have ever eaten.

When I was reading Dawn O’Brien’s book about NC Restaurants and their recipes, I saw the following about Scheibers Jolly Mill Restaurant and it brought back great memories for me. Can you believe that she featured their apple strudel recipe that is at the bottom of the page?  What a wonderful anniversary celebration that was.  Sadly, a few months after our anniversary, Mr. D told me the restaurant was closed because of the passing of Mr. Scheiber.  That made me very sad because I had been looking forward to visiting the restaurant again.

The copies below aren’t the best but I felt that Dawn wrote such a beautiful description of Scheibers Jolly Mill Restaurant and Stefan Scheiber, I wanted to share it with you verbatim.

jolly mill

Page Two

jolly mill2


Apple Strudel Recipe

jolly mill3

I do understand that the old mill has been purchased and is now a winery.  That might be a great day trip for Mr. D and I.  Thanks for stopping by.








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  1. Stefan took 7 days to make his strudel .He made his own pastry.The peelings from the apples were chopped and covered with rum and raisins were added to the peelings.After a few days the thin sliced apples were added to mixture and they were kept in cooler and folded into each other gently in the morning and then again after we closed.On the Seventh day he put his pastry on giant wooden floured sheet and poured his Apple mixture on it,then two of us helped Stefan ” roll” into a big big log of bursting with wonderful smells of all his secret ingredients,put on full baking sheet and baked to perfection.I was his key holder the horrible night he passed.


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