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Hilton Head Island – A Heavenly Place

I think my idea of heaven would be a place like Hilton Head Island, SC.  A place with a beautiful seashore and perfect weather, picturesque bike trails that you could ride forever and wonderful places to eat.  If it was heaven, then I suppose I wouldn’t get sunburn on the beach, painful body joints from riding my bicycle and no worries about calories from the wonderful foods I would eat.  Yes, I think that would be heaven. The picture below is at sunset on the beach on a cloudy afternoon.


Today, I am sharing two more recipes from the local Fork and Fun restaurant guide for Hilton Head.  I thought both recipes looked good and would be easy to make.  I especially like the chicken soup recipe.  I know fall will officially arrive next week and we will be thinking of soup.  You could cook the chicken and reserve the broth, freeze it and have it ready to use in the soup whenever you want to make it. My love for peppers makes the garlic pepper bread appetizer so appealing.

garlic bread appetizer

chicken noodle soup

Thank you for sharing my wonderful vacation at Hilton Head Island, SC last week.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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