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Do You Coupon?

My Mother loved bargains and she would get super excited if she saved a lot of money on a purchase.  I think I have her shopping gene and that is the reason I love to go to yard sales and shop for bargains now.

In 2008 when the economy in the US declined and I lost my full time job, I started using coupons in a limited way.  I remember talking to a lady in a store one day and she told me she went to a drug store and used her coupons and their bonus rewards because they paid her to shop there.  I didn’t get that at all.  However, I did buy a book on couponing entitled, Coupon Mom.  I enjoyed the book and used some of her techniques.  Here is a link to her website:

I know many people think you have to spend hours and hours to save money and that is absolutely not true.  As I have gotten couponing into my regular routine, I don’t spend a lot of time clipping and saving coupons.  First of all, I have signed up for coupons from proctor and gamble and some other manufacturers that have some of my favorite products, Second, I scan the sale papers on Sunday and clip coupons for products that I will use.  If there is something on sale at a local store, I will fold that paper in half and know I want to refer to it when I do my shopping on Wednesday.

I save lots of  money at our local CVS drug store. In the past, I have gone into the store and the person in front of me would spend less than a dollar for their purchases.  I was always curious about how they did that and I would think they stayed up all night clipping coupons and plotting how to do that. I decided that I was going to figure it out.

I have a CVS extra care card and I use it everytime I go into the store for purchases.  CVS gives me extra bucks rewards for my purchases and I have also joined their beauty club.  I look over the CVS ad each Sunday and see if I have a need for items that have an extra bucks reward for purchase.  Here is a link to their website for more information about their program.  Below are two examples of how I have saved money recently using the extra bucks program.

Example One

Purchased 2 hair care products that retailed at 2 for $24.00 or $12.99 each.  I had an extra bucks reward of $3 and my beauty club reward of $5 which I applied to the purchase.  I had also received an e-mail that included a 30 percent discount for any regular priced items and gave me an additional discount of $7.20.  My total discount for the $24.00 was $15.20.  However, there was an additional bonus to this purchase.  If I purchased two of the products, I would get an extra bucks reward of $10.00 to use for a future purchase.  My total for the purchase was $10.58 but the extra bucks reward of $10.00 reduced my purchase to the sales tax that is charged in North Carolina of 58 cents.

Example Two

When you receive extra bucks they will expire usually within a week or two.  I realized after the above purchase that we needed our fish oil supplements and I saw on the CVS weekly circular they were on sale for buy one get one free.  A bottle of two hundred of the Sundown brand retailed for $20.99 and I would receive another bottle of 200 free.  As I checked my CVS coupons, I not only had the $10 extra bucks but I also had a coupon for $4 off a $20 purchase of any vitamin.  Therefore, my total purchase amount was $7.49 including our state sales tax and each bottle of vitamins cost me $3.50.

If you haven’t tried couponing, I would recommend giving it a try.  It may seem overwhelming at first but it can also help you to save money for more fun things than vitamins or hair care products. In fact, I think my Mother did the same thing.  When we had special occasions she really pulled out all the stops and made them huge celebrations and I think she may have justified that with all the bargains she found along the way.

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  1. I love to coupon! CVS is like going on a game show for me. No matter what you do you seem to always WIN!!! I have a page on Facebook where I post deals and such! And you’re right it doesn’t take forever to find good deals! Last month I added to my stockpile and who knows what October holds!!!!


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