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So It’s Fall Yawl!!! Let’s Bake Apricot Bread and A Luncheon Muffin

So as I write this today, we are experiencing the beginning of fall here in North Carolina.  We have enjoyed so many wonderful summer meals and those delicious summer vegetables.  Now, it is time to start thinking about soups and stews.  One thing I think of more in the fall and winter months is baking.  The summer of 2014 wasn’t as hot and humid as summers in the past but I don’t really use my oven much for baking in the summertime.  Of course, we have to make the sacrifice for fresh berry pies but that is about it.

I have a cookbook from the Service League of Hickory entitled Market to Market and I like the cookbook because it includes wonderful Southern traditional recipes but other recipes that I have never heard of.  Today I am sharing a couple of those recipes with you.  First of all, the apricot bread recipe appeals to me.  You could purchase the apricots and have them on hand to prepare the bread at a moments notice.  The other ingredients are staples in most of our kitchens.  Wouldn’t it be a great treat to prepare this on a weekday and have it ready for the kids when they arrive home from school?  That would be a great surprise and I love the idea of serving the bread with cream cheese.  The wonderful new whipped cream cheese would be great with this bread.  YUM!


apricot bread

The second recipe looks super easy and it makes quite a few muffins.  It has one of my favorite ingredients, sour cream and the muffins could be frozen and reheated.  I can even imagine preparing these and having them available for a special occasion later.


luncheon muffin

I don’t think there is anything that makes a home more inviting than the smell of something wonderful baking in the oven.  Happy Fall Yawl and thanks for stopping by.


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