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Thoughts About The Rohanen High School Graduating Class of 1964

On Saturday I went to my high school graduating class reunion of 50 years ago. In previous years, I only returned to my home town of Rockingham, NC for my 10th reunion in 1974. There were two reasons I returned for this reunion.  First of all, my very best friend from high school passed away recently and I realized that time was slipping away and I might not have an opportunity to see some of my classmates again.  Second, I was contacted by phone from a fellow classmate because my address had changed and they were searching for me.  I do believe that contact by phone helped me to make the decision to attend.

Here is the picture of me and my classmates Saturday. By the way, I am the first person on the left in the front row. It was Mr. D’s idea to make this picture a sepia tone and I really like it.  We are all looking in different directions because as we were posing for the picture our spouses along with the photographer was taking pictures and you really did not know where to focus.  Sort of like the paparazzi, right?

2014-09-27 20.23.49


I will say it does take some courage to attend a reunion when you haven’t seen these people for such a long time.  However, after walking into the room and making the initial contact, I felt comfortable and genuinely happy to see my classmates.

Rohanen High School was located in East Rockingham and we were surrounded by manufacturing plants and so we were “Mill Hill” people.  Growing up, I did not know I should be ashamed of that and I just knew my parents worked in a mill.  Our school was very small and the most interesting thing to me now is that many of us went through 12 grades of school together.  In this day and time that doesn’t happen anymore.

I thought I had a picture of our graduating class in 1964 and I found it.  By the way, I am the 6th person from the left on the second row:

class pictureSo some final thoughts about our graduating class and our reunion:

I think everyone was very happy to see each other and our cliques do not exist anymore.

Many of my classmates stayed in Rockingham and mostly because their family was there.

We have retired but many of us are still working full time or part-time.

I was surprised at the many people that remembered my Mother.  I also had people that I will be sharing their hello’s with my sister, Maxine.

There was no discussion of our aches, pains or current health issues.  I was aware by their appearance that some of them do have health issues.

There was no discussion of healthy eating, vegan, gluten intolerance or lactose intolerance. (We had a nice catered meal that we all seemed to appreciate and enjoy and I think we were taught that as we were growing up)

So many times I hear people say, “Well, that is just how they were raised.”  With the above thoughts, I can certainly say that about us as the class of 1964 and I will add to that, whether we were raised on a “Mill Hill” or not, “Our Mamas Raised Us Right.”   Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Diane, It was so good to see you. I enjoyed our discussion about food from the New Orleans area. I must say though that it’s not food for a diabetic to eat. When you get ready to come down this way just give me a shout out.

    • Thanks H.D. It was good to see you again too. Being a foodie, I enjoyed the food discussion too and it was great to know that you make fruit cakes from your Mother’s recipe. I created this blog to keep Southern traditions alive and I am so glad you are contributing to the cause. I can understand that being diabetic in New Orleans would be a challenge but I think we are up to the task. I will definitely let you know when we come your way.


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