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Dips For Tailgating? Crab? Shrimp? Or Spinach?

On Monday I wrote about tailgating and it really is a tradition all over the USA.  I started thinking about coastal communities and recipes they would incorporate into a tailgating event.  As I browsed through my low country cookbooks I found three options that would be great possibilities.

The first recipe I am sharing with you is from my A Taste of Charleston South Carolina Restaurant Recipes. It was submitted by Sticky Fingers Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant.  Sticky Fingers has wonderful barbecue and I have eaten there many times.  They have restaurants throughout the low country and I thought it was unique that they would submit a recipe called Savannah Dip. I have seen a similar recipe before but it did not include artichoke hearts.  This would be so good served warm and I do think that is a possibility with tailgating.


sticky fingers shrimp dip


The following recipes are from my Beaufort, North Carolina cookbook, ” Let Us Keep The Feast” by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Women.  Both recipes sound very easy to make and I can imagine they would be included at a coastal college game but I know they would be appreciated anywhere.

shrimp dip beaufort

I always think of the coast as my second home and just browsing through the cookbooks brought back so many happy memories.

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  1. This looks so yummy! I make a recipe similar to this and it’s always a big hit. This year, I decided to put a Halloween spin on it for a Halloween party we were hosting:


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