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A Great North Carolina Recipe – Carolina Sweet Potato Fritters

Over the last few weeks I have grown a little weary of the current emphasis on healthy eating.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a husband that is a diabetic and we have been committed to healthy eating for a long time.  I work with preschool kids everyday and we have a very high priority for the children to have nutritious food and to exercise. Every day I want improve on my behavior from the day before.

I do get tired of sitting down with someone to share a meal and they think it is important to share how unhealthy our food is.  I sometimes think it is a contest to see if one person can prove they are more healthy than another person. I was raised to believe that was impolite.

I seriously thought about not blogging anymore as I felt most people now are vegan, gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant or on some type of special diet. I really started to feel as if no one really wanted to hear about the wonderful traditions of the South.  I then realized this blog is about my Southern roots and that is what I enjoy writing about the most. So I am going to focus on the recipes and traditions that mean so much to me. When I changed my focus and returned my thoughts to who I am, I got excited about this blog again.

When I saw this recipe for Carolina Sweet Potato Fritters I knew I wanted to share it with you. I think I clipped it from a copy of Our State Magazine recently and it sounds wonderful.  I even think this would be a great treat for an afternoon snack when the kids come home from school.

sweet potato fritters

I was also raised to believe it is impolite to go to someone[s house and read the labels on the food they are serving or to tell the hostess not to even offer you anything to eat.  I was taught to say, “No, Thank You” and I think that is all that is really required today.  The choices we make determine the direction of our lives so my choice is to be a Southern girl that loves living in the Old North State.

So Does That Mean I Am Southern, I certainly hope so. Thanks for stopping by.












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  1. I figure that most of those dietary issues are made up and more trendy that real. Yes, I realize that there are some with medical issues out there, but I also tire of hearing people try to put together this litany of “food allergies”. Because being a chef in a grocery store I get to hear the most bizarre food sensitivities and allergies. Then I look into the shopping cart and see foods containing those very items people are telling me they are allergic too. Silly self focused fads! I say if you grew up eating mud pies, you can eat anything!

    • You just don’t know how much I needed to hear that today. I have made up my mind that I will not rain on anyone else’s parade but they shouldn’t try to rain on mine either. You made me laugh out loud. Thanks for your comments and I can only imagine some of the stories you hear.

  2. I agree with you. I was talking to one of my friends today, that I consider an old fashioned southern cook. who was cooking banana pudding. I say cooking because she still makes the kind like they did in the old days. She cooks up the pudding over the stove and finishes it off in the oven by lightly toasting the topping. Remember those? Well, the reason she was so busy in the kitchen was because there had been a death and she was sending this over to the family. After reading your blog, regarding all those “food issues”, I chuckled as I thought of how that yummy pudding would be scarfed up allergies be damned!

    • Amen Sister!! One of my biggest temptations is eating out. I eat so much more than I ever would at home. We don’t eat out that often and I am truly amazed when I pass a restaurant and see how many people are eating out even on a week night. It just tells me that people are still eating somewhere. I don’t believe for a moment that the wonderful homemade banana puddings we ate when we were young has effected my health at all. After all, aren’t bananas healthy? HaHa!!!


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