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Geri’s Czechoslovakian Cookies

This must be friendship week at our house.  I shared a recipe from a friend, Geri, on Monday and she gave me the recipe I am sharing with you today.  I am sharing her comments concerning the recipe and she said it is a Christmas favorite at her house.  As I was reading the recipe, I remembered eating these bar cookies when Geri shared them with our family.  I remember the consistency of the cookie portion to be the same as shortbread.  Geri’s cookies were light and the jam added just enough sweetness to make them extra tasty.

Geri's cookies 2


Geri shared with me that her Aunt Lora and her grandmother married brothers so they had the same maiden name and married name.

Geri is such a dedicated homemaker that does so much to enrich the lives of her family.  I know that she is older than me and probably in her 70’s but she is very active and contributes in so many different ways.  She takes care of her home, is involved in her church and is part of the local Quilter’s guild.

I do want to share a funny story she told me.  As we are in the same age group, we discussed how many people are on special diets right now.  She told me her son that is a nurse had a test done and he is allergic to yeast.  Then she said her husband, Harry, that is 81 decided to have a test done to see if there was anything that he might need to stay away from.  The test results showed he is allergic to eggs even though he has eaten them his whole life and does not have any type of digestive problem at all.  She said now when she cooks for her family including her son and husband she just puts the food on the table and says, “Here is what I fixed, just do the best you can.”  That made me laugh out loud and I think she just put the ball in their court so they could deal with their digestive problems.  Geri is a very concerned caring person but if you are in your 70’s and prepare a meal for your family, that is an accomplishment in itself and should be appreciated.  I know her family and I am sure she is loved and appreciated.

Yesterday, I had lunch with another friend and there we were sitting in Cracker Barrel just having the best time and laughing out loud at so many different things.  Friendship and laughter are two great combinations.  I hope you are able to spend time with a very special friend soon.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Barbara Piekarski

    This recipe is very timely because I am beginning to think about making cookies. I need some this weekend for a gathering of friends and I appreciate the reminder of shortbread cookies. I tried making some of these last year. They are rich so you don’t eat as much, but they are a real treat. Sharing recipes and time spent with friends is truly special a good way to celebrate our aging years…..

  2. I have very few regrets but one of them is that I am not a person who keeps up with friends from my childhood or friends who move or who I stop seeing when I change jobs. I still care deeply for these people, but have come to accept that this is just part of who I am. I was thinking of this only yesterday and so it made my heart smile to see your post talking about spending time with an old friend. And it didn’t hurt that WordPress conveniently provided the link to your Moravian cookie post. I’m an admittedly bad baker but if I can find the time, I would love to try making those. I could eat a whole orange cannister of the Salem College Moravian cookies in a sitting. Have a beautiful day, my soul sister.

  3. Seasweetie, you definitely speak my language. I love the moravian cookies too and look forward to them during the holidays. I can relate to not keeping up with friends from my childhood or from my workplaces. I think many of us are guilty of that. You have a great weekend, soul sister!!


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