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Thanksgiving Dessert – At Our House It Will Be Pecan Surprise Pie

I honestly believe dessert is my favorite meal.  I know it isn’t really a meal but I am a sweet freak and have just learned to accept it.  Many times I have eaten a meal with my total focus on saving room for the luscious dessert.

Even though the name of this recipe is Pecan Surprise Pie, it is no surprise to have pecan pie for dessert in the South. I think it is an absolute favorite along with the traditional pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie.  I have never made a sweet potato pie because I always make candied yams or sweet potato casserole and I want to have something different for dessert. This year I will make a diabetic version of pumpkin pie for Mr. D and here is a link to that recipe:  I will make the black bottom cupcakes for our grandchildren and here is a link to that post:

I decided to make a pecan pie too because it is relatively easy to make and when I saw this recipe that included a middle layer of cream cheese, I knew it was going to be my choice.This recipe is from Christmas with Southern Living the 2004 edition.  I think the note at the top of the recipe that describes it as a decadent dessert is absolutely right.

pecan cc pie


Many times I have prepared special holiday meals and realized that I did not make one dish that I especially wanted as I was trying to please all of my guests.  So this year, I am rewarding myself and making one of my favorites, pecan pie. Thanks for stopping by and I wish for you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. That sounds marvelous! We are having Black Truffle Honey Pumpkin Pie. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. Yum I am going to make this. I have all the ingredients to do it. I bookmarked this so I can find it. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  3. Thanks and I loved your idea of using cookies mixes. Tried it this year and it saved lots of time. Merry Christmas to You!


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