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My Friend Dixie’s Dried Apple Cake

So I was thinking, should I really post about a cake the Monday after Thanksgiving?  I think it is the season of cakes, cookies and all kinds of luscious desserts.

My friend Dixie gave me this recipe a few weeks ago for Dried Apple Cake.  My Mother made it and I have asked everyone I could think of from my hometown of Rockingham if they had the recipe and have not been able to fine it.  I asked on a blog post if anyone had a recipe for a cake made with dried apples.  I had lunch with Dixie one day and she gave me the recipe I am sharing with you today.  I told her I would make it for Thanksgiving but I ran out of time and then decided it would be great for Christmas.  As I read her recipe, it totally reminds me of my Mother’s dried apple cake even though it calls for layers or a loaf pan.  My Mother made hers in a tube pan. Even though the recipe includes icing made of confectioners sugar and milk, I think I will use a caramel frosting on my cake.

The recipe seems simple enough as you mix all of the ingredients together and put them in the pan.  The cake batter will be very thick and I do remember that as part of my Mother’s recipe.

apple cake

As you can see from the above note this is a very old recipe and will probably taste a lot like my Mother’s. It may even be just a little better, who knows? You just can’t beat having a special friend that is generous and will share her family traditions with you. Thanks so much Dixie, my kind, generous friend!!

Thanks for stopping by.

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