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Memories of My Southern Childhood Include Fruitcake

Fruit cake is a favorite target of late night comedians.  I just have to say that none of those comedians have ever eaten a good fruit cake.  Yes, it does include that fruit that is candied but that is what makes it so good. Growing up in the South I knew fruit cake was going to be part of our Christmas celebration.  One of my favorites was my Mother’s Japanese Fruit Cake.  It was a layered cake and coconut was included in the filling for the cake.

The recipe I am sharing with you today really caught my eye and I do believe it is going into my “recipes I must make” file.  Mr. D, my diabetic husband, loves fruit cake and it has always saddened me that he couldn’t have it because it contained candied fruit.  As I read this recipe I see there is only a small amount of candied fruit and a small amount of brown sugar.  I do believe this is a possibility for him.

yamsThis recipe is from “Christmas with Southern Living 1996 and I love the way it incorporates a long standing Southern tradition with updated ingredients.

Here is a Japanese fruit cake recipe that is similar if not the same as the one my Mother made.



jfc filling

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  1. I am not a fruitcake fan but my Father, who was the baker in the family, used to make a dozen or so to give away to friends and colleagues at their request at Christmas. One of his favorites was a recipe for Emily Dickinson’s Black Forest Cake. I wonder if I could find the recipe if you’d like to try it. My favorite fruitcake related activity is the annual Fruitcake Toss competition they hold near me in Manitou Springs, Colorado in January. People build catapults to see how far they can launch their fruitcakes. It’s a hoot and a nice ending to the holiday season.

  2. Hey Seasweetie. I have never heard of the cake you are referring to. Let me know if you find it. That fruitcake toss is fine as long as you aren’t tossing those wonderful Southern fruitcakes. Merry Christmas to You!


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