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Key Lime Fudge – A Great Christmas Goodie

One of my favorite memories of returning home to my parents for Christmas was the wonderful chocolate fudge my Mother had made.  She always made the best chocolate fudge and made lots of it.  To this day when I visit a candy shop, I always get a small amount of chocolate fudge and the taste of it always reminds me of the Christmas memories of my childhood.

I think this recipe for Key Lime fudge sounds wonderful and would not be too difficult to make.  The hardest part would be grating for the lime zest and squeezing the limes for the juice.

kl fudge_0001

This recipe is from my Christmas with Southern Living 2004 edition. Wouldn’t this be a great gift for teachers, neighbors or just about anyone?

When I think of key lime, my mind goes to the beautiful coast of Florida and our most Southern city, Key West.  Since reading John Grisham’s book, Skipping Christmas, I’ve had this insane idea to run away for Christmas to a beautiful tropical location and skip the preparations and traditions I have created over so many years.  I think Key West would be a wonderful choice.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I have heard of this delight; however, I have never tried it. Looks yummy.


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