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Christmas Memories and Country Ham

Our family tradition includes country ham for breakfast on Christmas morning.  Country ham is  a cured ham and is very salty.  The compliment to it is red eye gravy that consists of coffee and the drippings from frying the Country ham. My parents and my grandmother loved country ham and today I am sharing Christmas memories from the Homemade Christmas Cookbook along with a recipe for a baked country ham.

I totally agree with the essay that I am sharing with you today. When our parents and loved ones depart this earth we should carry own their traditions but they probably will never be the way we remembered them. I think this is written so beautifully and is a great thing for us to remember as we miss our loved ones.

christmas memoriesOne of my favorite childhood memories is of my grandmother talking about how wonderful the country ham was that was prepared for her family for Christmas every year.  I know that I don’t prepare my country ham the way she did but I always have fond memories of her when I prepare it.  I don’t think she every prepared hers the way it is listed in this recipe.  However, it would be a great way to remember and honor her while building new memories at the same time.

whole country hamI hope you make some wonderful Christmas memories this year.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Have a lovely and joyful Christmas, my Southern Soul Sister.


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