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A Good Possibility For The Super Bowl – Speedy Taco Bake

Last weekend I was experiencing a cooking frenzy.  Mr. D would tell you that I am never happier than when I am in the kitchen cooking.  Of course, one of the things I prepared was the chicken and dumplings that I shared with you on Monday.  It was a very time consuming recipe and was well worth the investment of my time.  After preparing that, I wanted to make something that was relatively easy for our Sunday meal.  I found the recipe I am sharing with you as I was looking for a chicken and dumpling recipe. This recipe is from my cookbook “Let Us Keep The Feast In Historic Beaufort from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Women, Beaufort, NC”.

After preparing it, I thought it would be a great recipe to prepare for Super Bowl Sunday.  I know the most popular choices are chicken wings and pizza but this would really be a great alternative.  We enjoyed it but Mr. D wasn’t sure there was cheese in it as it is in the middle layer of the pan.  If I make it again, I might add another layer of cheese on top after it has completed baking.


speedy taco bakeI don’t think this is a difficult recipe to prepare and I think you could assemble it earlier in the day and bake it when the game begins.  Even though Mr. D and I aren’t sports fans anymore, we always enjoy preparing special treats and watching a little bit of the game.  It is a special occasion that we enjoy sharing.  After all, our first date was a blind date and we went to a football game.

I hope your team wins and thanks for stopping by.


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