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James Villas Ham Croquettes

On Monday I shared with you my new most favorite Southern cookbook, the Glory of Southern Cooking by James Villas.  As I read through this book over and over, I am reminded of the movie about Julie that went through Julia Child’s cookbook and prepared all of the recipes and wrote a blog about it.  I honestly think I could do that with this cookbook.  It is so inspiring and contains so much information about food traditions all over the South.

Today I am sharing a recipe for Ham Croquettes and James also includes recipes in the book for Salmon and Turkey Croquettes.  I am including James’ comments concerning the tradition of croquettes in the South and how they have gone out of style.  I do not remember ever hearing about croquettes but I do remember my Mother making Salmon patties and when I read James recipe it sounds very similar.  I can imagine incorporating leftover ham or turkey to prepare these and I think they would be a big hit especially for a weekday meal.

ham croquettesAs you read James introduction to this recipe, I think you can understand why I love this book so much.  James comments “that it’s high time this sapid dish underwent a rebirth in homes and restaurants.”  I agree with him and I am doing my part by featuring this on my blog.  For a lover of country ham I think his suggestion to make these croquettes substituting country ham is an awesome idea.

The next time I have leftover chicken or ham, I am going to make these for sure.  I would definitely have to purchase country ham as there is never any of it leftover at our house.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. My Mother made salmon patties too! That must be a southern thing as well.


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