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Comfort Foods – Chicken and Rice Casserole or Oyster Stew

I know it is cold all over the country and we are experiencing extreme cold here.  We had icy roads yesterday morning and will having below freezing temperatures for the next few days.  That is highly unusual for us and the only thing I can think of is comfort foods.  I have made soup, chili, casseroles and slow cooker navy beans.  As the cold weather isn’t over, I still need some more comfort foods.  I thought of this chicken casserole that I saw in The Gift of Southern Cooking by Scott Peacock and Edna Lewis.  It was Scott’s Grandmother’s recipe and his favorite. I love how he share’s a picture of his grandmother with the recipe.

chicken & rice

As I was browsing through my collection of recipes, I saw this one  for Beaufort South Carolina Oyster Stew.  Mr. D loves oyster stew and so we will have it sometime over the weekend.  It is definitely a comfort food too. I found fresh oysters at Sam’s and I think they will make the stew extra special. Even though I am not a big fan of oysters, I love the flavor of this broth. Of course, the oleo referred to in this recipe would be margarine.


oyster stew

Comfort foods have so many different meanings for us. It is good to see someone write a cookbook and include his Grandmother’s recipe. I truly believe we can try to impress our Grandchildren but they will remember the simplest things we made and the aromas that remind them of us.  My Grandmother made stew beef and she simply cooked it on the stove but I still remember that wonderful aroma and how comforting it was for me as a child. Oyster stew was one of my Daddy’s favorites.  So I am sure the aroma of the stew will stir some childhood memories for me too.

Stay warm and thanks for stopping by.








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