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Crockpot Peppered Beef Tips

I have always made menus for my weekly meals.  I do this before I grocery shop for the week and then I create my grocery list from the menu.  It really does save time and aggravation of having to run to the store every day to complete a meal.  As I create my grocery list, I incorporate items that I have purchased previously into my menus.

Over the weekend, I was so happy that I had an idea of the meals I would be preparing.  Every year around February and March, I get a sinus infection.  I felt it coming on last week and it really hit me over the weekend.  I was very pleased that my general practitioner is part of a practice that is open on the weekend.  I was able to get treatment on Sunday and know I am on my way to feeling better.

The recipe I am sharing with you today is the meal we had yesterday.  It was so good to have something prepared when I was feeling so bad.  We really enjoyed the meal and it was a new recipe for me to try. As winter is continuing for sure, I think this would be a comforting meal for a dreary cold day.

crockpot beef and noodles2

crockpot beef and noodles

This recipe is from my Crockpot 5 Ingredients or Less Cookbook.  I hope you have a great Monday and thanks for stopping by.





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  1. Sorry to hear of your sinus infection. It is nice that you are so organized with your planning and cooking because your delicious looking beef tips sound terrific. Hope you are feeling better.

    • I am beginning to feel better and I appreciate your kind wishes. I think I have an organized gene and that is the only way I can operate. haha. So excited about your move to Florida and I certainly hope the weather in New Hampshire improves for you soon. It was good to hear from you. The beef tips were terrific.


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