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March Madness and Campfired Up Sloppy Joes for the Crockpot

I think all of us are looking forward to Spring.  I just told Mr. D that I would not get caught up in the madness of March and I wasn’t referring to basketball.  I hear so much about warm weather and Spring is coming that I decide not to wear a coat or pack up all the winter needs too early.  This year I will deal with March day by day and adjust to whatever the current weather conditions are.  The high today here in the foothills will be in the 60s but right now it is forty or so.  I will wear my coat when I leave home this morning.

I was feeling a lot better over the weekend after my sinus infection a week ago and I was really craving something spicy as I had been eating a very bland diet for the most part.  At; the same time, I did not feel that I should eat something really spicy. I recently purchased the Crockpot Recipe Collection and I saw the recipe I am sharing with you today.  I made the sloppy joes on Saturday and they were easy to make.  We enjoyed them and they were flavorful but did not have the bite to them that barbecue does.

IMG_3301 (1)I prepared my sandwich open faced so I could have more meat.  Mr. D ate his as a sandwich and we both are very happy that we will be eating the leftovers later this week.  One of the advantages of cooking on the weekend is that you can repurpose the leftovers and not have to prepare a meal from scratch during busy weekdays.


When I saw this cookbook at Barnes and Noble I decided it would be a great addition to my collection.  I have a very small five ingredient crock pot cookbook that has served me well but I know that I will be using this cookbook many times.  I was talking to a fireman last week and asked them about the safety of a crockpot and they assured me that they do not get many calls because of crockpots.


So on this second day of March it is a cold day but I do know this is a transition month and before long I will be talking to you about heat and humidity.  Thanks for stopping by.

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