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March Days and Pot Likker Soup

The month of March is such a transitional month here in the foothills of North Carolina. Monday it was 70 and sunny, Tuesday it was cloudy and in the 50’s, yesterday it was 65 and windy.  Today it is rainy and will be in the 50’s.  I still like to make soup in March but I transition a little to a lighter soup.  My chili recipes usually are put away until we have a crisp and cool fall day.

As I was reading through my “the Glory of Southern Cooking cookbook by James Villas, I saw the recipe I am sharing today for pot likker soup. I think James explanation of pot likker is spot on.  He said this soup was probably an invention of his grandmother’s and I am so glad he is continuing her tradition. One of my favorite memories of pot liker is my grandmother boiling turnips and then making corn meal dumplings in the pot liker or broth from the turnips.  I found a recipe that seems similar to my grandmothers and I hope to give it a try sometime soon while we are still in the cooler months.

pot liker soup2


I can’t think of anything that would be more comforting than a bowl of this pot likker soup on a cold rainy day. Thanks for stopping by.

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