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Spinach Lasagna From Duke University And NC State Beat Duke Tonight Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is ACC tournament weekend here in North Carolina and I wanted to feature a recipe today from the state.  Oh, of course, I could have made a Carolina hamburger because we do put cole slaw on our burgers but being a big NC State fan, I couldn’t do that. I could have featured a barbecue recipe but I wanted something just a little different.  I am not a Duke fan for sure but they do have a very strong basketball program.  Coach K was a real good friend of the late and great Jim Valvano from NC State so that kind of  justifies the recipe.

As the days have become warmer and we reached almost a record of 80 degrees here yesterday, I have been looking for recipes that are a little lighter.  I have eaten Spinach Lasagna before but never made it.  When I saw this recipe it really peaked my interest and I think it needs to go into my “Recipes I will make” file. The recipe is from the cookbook, “Come to the Table: by the congregation at Duke University Chapel.  So see it really isn’t from the school at all.

spiniach lasagna

Our temperatures change so much this time of year in the foothills of North Carolina. Tomorrow our temperature will not be over 50 and it is to rain all day.  This would be a great dish on such a cold day.

By the way, NC State will play Duke tonight in the tournament.  I am not superstitious or anything like that but I wouldn’t dare feature a recipe from NC State because I am afraid that would hurt their chances and they would lose tonight.  Go State!!!  And by the way, always pull for State because there is only one State – NC State.

Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. If it happens that my beloved Duke wins, you can feel a twinge of delight at your Southern Soul Sister’s happiness. And I will do the same for you if State wins!


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