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Bunny Cake or Pancakes for Easter

Growing up, I do not remember many food traditions from Easter.  Of course, we dyed and hid Easter eggs and had Easter baskets filled with wonderful chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs.  I do remember having ham for lunch but other than that the only other thing I remember is those itchy Easter dresses we wore as we hid our Easter eggs.

I do remember seeing bunny cakes when I was growing up and I thought they were the greatest things ever. My Mother never made one and I think it is because we had so many Easter treats the last thing in the world we needed was cake.  I thought I would make one someday for my daughter but then I messed up greatly and made a carrot cake first.  That is what she always wanted for Easter so we had that as a family tradition. I saw the following recipe for a bunny cake in my Holiday House Traditions published by the Hickory Junior Woman’s Club.  It stirred memories for me and it seems easy to make. I would recommend using a favorite layer cake recipe for this as I have found cake mix to be more delicate and tear more easily.

bunny cake


As I was reading my April issue of Good Housekeeping, I saw the recipe below for bunny pancakes.  I think this is the cutest idea ever and I think a kid of any age would love them.

bunny pancakes


I think I just talked myself into making the bunny cake for Easter.  I think it is just too cute to pass up.  I can imagine using a lemon layer cake recipe with a cream cheese frosting and then adding the coconut.  YUM!!

Spring, Easter and bunnies.  Doesn’t it all go together beautifully?  Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a very Happy Easter!

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  1. I make pancakes by pouring the batter in a metal cookie cutter that I have placed on the pan. Bunnies and chicks are always Easter favorites. Thanks for sharing.

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