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Easter Monday and Egg Nests

Today is Easter Monday and when I was growing up in North Carolina, we always had Easter Monday as our holiday for Easter instead of Good Friday.  I only had one day off from school and had never heard of Spring break and having a week off for Easter.  Of course, at the time, we only went to school for nine months and our school year started around the first of September and ended around the first week of June.  We did not have end of grade scoring either and experiencing that one time with kindergarten kids made me realize how stressful that is for educators.

Today I am sharing two weekend experiences.  First of all, I blogged about the Easter Bunny cake on March 26 and I did make one for Easter.  Here is a link to that post:  I used sugar free yellow cake mix and sugar free white frosting.  I learned how to tint coconut for the first time and really was happy with the results. See what you think!


To tint my coconut, I placed it in a zip lock bag and diluted the desired food color into one teaspoon of water. I put the food color mixture into the zip lock bag and shook the bag until the color was even and placed it on waxed paper to dry.

I made egg nests for Mr. D because it is so hard to find sugar free Easter candy.  I saw this recipe in a local magazine I saw at the gym the other day. It is from Nestle and includes Nestle Nest Eggs.  I have never heard of those and when I made the nests I formed them into the nests shapes and placed them in the fridge.  Here is a picture of my nests.



Here is the recipe from Nestle and I used only the chocolate morsels.  I know Easter is over but I think this would be a great treat for earth day or for children learning about birds, eggs and nests.  The only hint I have as far as preparation is that as you add the noodles to the morsels, add a small amount at a time as I had a few noodles left over after tossing them with the chocolate mixture.

egg nests

These choices were good options for Mr. D and he does eat his desserts sparingly so that is a good thing.  I hope you had a great Easter weekend and Happy Easter Monday Y’all.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I just love your bunny cake. It is so pretty. I know it was as delicious as it looked.


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