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Restaurant Quality Dishes – Let’s Start With Ina Garten’s Truffled Mashed Potatoes

truffle potatoes 2Last week Mr. D and I went to Applebee’s for a meal.  We don’t eat out a lot and that is one of our favorite restaurants.  As I was sitting there, I began to realize our eating out had just become a habit and a part of our routine.  I enjoy going out to eat but I love to cook too. When we got our check I told Mr D who has always treated me to this meal that this has to stop.  I really surprised myself when I told him that.  Being a foodie, I love to try new ways of preparing food.  I would never be a person that would eat Octopus or something strange but I do like new cooking ideas and techniques. However, I think our eating out has become routine and a little mundane.  Mr. D and I talked about it and decided that we would make more meals at home and concentrate on making something really special at least once a week.

I wanted to share an extra special dish with you today and I thought of Ina Garten’s truffled mashed potatoes that I made for Easter.  After reading several of Ina’s books I have become a fan of truffle butter and so the mashed potatoes sounded wonderful.  They were easy to make and Ina’s directions in her recipe were easy to follow.  Mr. D loved this dish and I think if you follow Ina’s philosopy of having one or two special dishes at a meal they will really shine and you can serve basic recipes with them.

I will give you one hint in preparing these and that is when you add the hot truffle cream do it very slowly and stop and see how thick it gets before you add more.  I did add to much at one time and it was a little soupy.  It did thicken up as we warmed it for leftovers.  This is definitely a family favorite now and it is fairly easy to make.  I would say it is definitely restaurant quality.

truffle potatoesI will continue to write posts as we experiment with preparing restaurant quality meals at home.  I think going out to eat will become a special occasion for us and hopefully preparing meals together at home will become special occasions for us too.

I hope you have a special weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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