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The Derby and Hot Browns


Platform at Churchill Downs where winning trophy is presented

After visiting Louisville, Kentucky and Churchill Downs last summer, I knew I would watch the Kentucky Derby this year on TV.  I have been getting updates all week on Twitter and Facebook.  I am getting more excited everyday.  As I was planning my weekly menus, I decided I would make Hot Browns on Saturday.  That is a traditional Louisville, Kentucky open faced sandwich.  I went to my “the Glory of Southern Cooking” cookbook by James Villas and saw the recipe I am sharing with you today.  It sounds delicious and seems simple enough to make. As always, I love James Villas introduction to the recipe and explanation of how it was created.

hot browns


Waterfront Park in Downtown Louisville, KY

Waterfront Park in Downtown Louisville, KY


Entrance to Churchill Downs

I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that I would like horse racing.  I am definitely not a gambler and I remember the story told to us as we toured Churchill Downs that one lady bet six million dollars on a horse that did not win the derby.  Never in my wildest dreams would I even bet six hundred dollars.  Even though I will not wager a bet on the Derby, I will make a selection from the contestants to cheer for and I make that choice by the color of the horse  and whether I think they would be an attractive winner.  Hey!  You have got to start somewhere.

Hope you are able to watch the Derby and have a great weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.

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