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Restaurant Quality Parmesan Risotto – A Great Option For Mother’s Day

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about being in a routine of going out to eat and not really enjoying it.  It was just part of our routine.  Now we are being more adventurous in discovering places to eat in our neighborhood instead of going to the most popular chain restaurants.  I am not bashing those restaurants at all because when we are traveling they are welcome sites and we know the quality of their businesses.

I did want to explore options for the restaurant quality meals at home that wouldn’t take a whole day to prepare.  Honestly I believe you could prepare any recipe in any of Ina Garten’s cookbooks and have a special restaurant quality dish.  When I saw this recipe for easy parmesan “risotto”, I knew I wanted to try it.  It is in Ina’s cookbook, :How Easy Is That?”.  I actually prepared this on a weeknight and it is very easy to make. Being a person that does not like to peel and chop vegetables, I appreciated the fact that I only had to grate some Parmesan cheese.  Mr. D loved this and I think my version turned out perfectly.

parm risotto pic

As I was thinking of options for Mother’s Day, I thought this was a good one.  It is creamy and mild with a perfect blend of flavors.  I think it would be good for brunch, lunch or dinner.

parm risottoMr. D and I really enjoyed this and Ina is correct when she says, “you have to make this to believe it.”  Many times in the past when I would prepare a recipe from one of Ina’s cookbooks, Mr. D and I would wonder whether it would be good or not.  Now when I prepare one of her recipes we just say Ina hasn’t failed us yet and this should be delicious.  We are never disappointed.

After I grew up and married, we always went to my Mothers on the Saturday before Mother’s day.  I grew weary of doing that but I wanted my daughter to know the tradition of having family celebrations on special occasions.  Many times my Mother and I would have differences of opinion and I wasn’t happy to see her but I knew she was my Mother and I should continue the tradition.  Now that she is gone, I do have a clear conscience about the time I spent with her.

Sadly, that tradition has not continued for my nuclear family and Mr. D and I will spend another holiday alone.  However, I am lucky to be married to a man that cares so much for me and we do enjoy spending time together.  We will go to Josh’s ( a wonderful local restaurant) for brunch on Sunday and then grill burgers later in the day here at home.  (They will be restaurant quality of course, haha)  On Saturday we will take one of our road trips and I will share more about that one Monday.

No matter who you are or whatever your family situation is, I hope you have a very Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day.  Thanks for stopping by.

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