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Grape Salad and Crawfish Pie – From Miss Kay’s Kitchen

When you collect cookbooks, your friends know it and help you to find new recipes  for your blog.  My friend Barbara told me last week she had two new cookbooks that she wanted to loan to me for my blog.  Today, I am featuring recipes from Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen.  Kay is matriarch of the Robertson clan that has an A&E TV program Duck Dynasty. The family lives in Louisiana and many of her recipes have Cajun influences.

At first, I wasn’t real sure I wanted to feature her recipes.  I have seen the show a couple of times and I wasn’t sure it was my style.  However, when I started reading her cookbook I realized she loves to cook and she loves her family.  I have enjoyed reading about the traditions that have been handed down to her and that she is passing on to her children and grandchildren.  There are beautiful quotes about food and family laced within the pages of the book and she has such wonderful stories about the recipes she has included in this collection. Here is one of the quotes in the book:

Ms. K's

The first recipe is for crawfish pie and it does sound good even though I don’t really know what a crawfish looks like. I understand it is a member of the lobster family so I guess it could be Southern lobster.  She does say that you can use frozen crawfish and I am not sure whether it is available in the freezer section of our local grocery store or not.

Ms. K's crawfish pieAnother recipe I was very happy to find was the one below for Grape Salad.  I remember eating a version of this at bridal or baby shower and absolutely loving it.  Kay mentions recipes in her book that are for the “girlie” occasions of our life and I think this salad would be a perfect choice for that type of occasion.

Ms. K's grape salad

The one thing that convinced me to share Miss Kay’s recipes with you was when she shared recipes from her Granny.  As I had a Granny too, it really helped me to understand how we are very similar.  We are both Southern, love to cook and love our families.  On Thursday I will share a recipe from Miss Kay’s Granny and one she shares with her grandchildren.

Ms. K's

A special thanks to my friend Barbara for sharing her cookbook and thanks to you for stopping by.

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  1. Can I top it with condensed milk?

  2. Someone posted a picture on Facebook yesterday of a crawfish crawling down one of our creekside biking trails. It was as big as a lobster! Though I caught them in the Eno River when I was young, I’ve never eaten one. Gray and rainy and socked in today in Colorado. Enjoy some sunshine for me. I have a cookbook or two that I wish I could loan you!


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