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A New Cookbook and Sweet Lime Bread

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Barbara gave me a cookbook entitled, “By Invitation Only” published by the Junior League of Pensacola, Florida. This book is so unique and has so many wonderful ideas for entertaining. There are many different theme menus in the cookbook and they include many unique recipes.

As I was browsing through the book, I saw the recipe for Lime Bread.  It reminded me of another personal favorite, Ina Garten’s Lemon Bread.  I made the lime bread for a function at our church on Sunday morning.  It is very refreshing and not overly sweet even though it is entitled sweet bread.  I also liked the recipe because you can make two loaves.  I took one loaf  to church and froze the other one.  It was a definite hit.

Lime Bread Loaf

Lime Bread Loaf



lime zest

I love to make quick breads and I think this is one recipe that I will use over and over.  The outside crust baked to a golden brown and the slices were light and tasty.

Lime Bread Slices

Lime Bread Slices

I am looking forward to sharing more recipes and menu ideas from this book. It is very inspiring.   Thanks to Barbara for this great cookbook and thanks to you for stopping by.

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  1. Once again you have found a recipe from my childhood. What delights…….I think I shall bake one!, Thanks for the recipe and the memory.


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