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Crock Pot Creamy Chicken and Spinach Lasagna

One of my goals this summer is to use my crockpot more.  Remember I live in the hot humid South and I try not to bake or use my oven that much in the summer time.  Now, that doesn’t mean I am being good and healthy because I do have a large and small ice cream maker.  Ice cream is a great summer time favorite at our house.

I purchased the Crockport Recipe Collection Cookbook recently and as I browsed through it, I saw recipes that would be good for summertime. Also, I have been wanting to make Lasagna.  First of all, Lasagna is a great meal stretcher for us and when I make a pan of it, I freeze portions of it to be eaten later.  When I saw the recipe I am sharing with you today, I liked it because it only makes four servings and it only includes four Lasagna noodles that is great for Mr. D as he is diabetic.

On Saturday I made the dish and I will tell you that you might be amazed at what a small kitchen I have but it is totally acceptable with me.  However, I make a horrible mess as I am assembling a Lasagna dish.  My kitchen looks like a wreck when I finish.  Even though this recipe was simpler to make, I still wrecked the kitchen.

Here is a picture of the Lasagna:


ckn lasagna

We enjoyed this Lasagna and it is definitely a keeper for our family. I found the prepared alfredo sauce at the deli in the grocery store and we enjoyed the creaminess of the dish.  The flavors blended together so well and this would be a good dish to incorporate any leftover chicken you might have.

I have a girlfriend, Sherry, that I meet once a month for lunch and she gave me the idea of using my crockpot in the summertime.  I am so glad that I invested in this cookbook and I look forward to sharing more recipes with you as the summer continues.

Happy Friday Everyone and I hope your weekend is great.  Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Now this is a dish I would love!!!! You have take lasagna and made it completely Southern………perfection it is!


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