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Pink Salad, Yummy Potatoes and Old Friends

For the past week or so, I have been pondering about getting old.  At 67 you probably think I am already old.  However, I will say the older you get the longer it is until old age.  In my opinion, you are old when you are 80 but if you are 80 you probably think that number has advanced to 100.  Anyway, I actually started to think that maybe I don’t act old enough.  I try not to complain about aches and pains and I only share my personal crises with my closest friends.  Sometimes I do talk to other people my age and I think they would just like me better if I complained or talked more about how old I am.

Then today I had a couple of realizations.  First of all, when I was in my 40’s I worked with a lady that was in her 60’s.  Every single day when she arrived for work the very first words out of her mouth was, “I am so old.”  Not good morning, not how are you but just the statement that she was old. I would always say I would never be that way.  I can only imagine the look on the faces of the young women I work with if I arrived every morning with that comment as my first statement.  I don’t think any of them are over 45 and I don’t think they would want to be around me if I complained all the time.

Second, today, I started thinking of two of my old friends.  And by old I mean not the longevity of our relationship as friends but their age.  One of them, Rea is deceased and she lived to be in her 80’s.  I always loved her kind demeanor and she had the greatest sense of humor ever.  We went to church together and of all the things I remember about her none of them had anything to do with her age.  Rea was a kindergarten teacher so she was a working Mother.  Her husband died at a younger age and she raised three children and they all graduated from college.  When I saw her recipe below for yummy potatoes I thought it was so simple that a woman coming home from work would prepare this for her hungry children.

yummy potatoes

I could not include an old friend without remembering my friend, Susie Reitzel.  I don’t think she is quite 80 yet but she is still older than me.  I know she has health issues but she never complains when she is around.  I have been able to share so many life experiences with her and she was so good to my Mother when she was in a local nursing home.  Susie was a career woman too.  She only has one son but she had a daughter that died at birth and in talking to her confidentially, I know that she still grieves for that baby girl.  Susie worked in the office at the local telephone company and has always been a very special person to me.  When I saw the recipe listed below, I thought it was fairly simple and it is something a career person would share.

pink salad


I am so thankful for these two wonderful friends.  They are wonderful examples of how I want to act when I really, really, really, get OLD. Mr. D told me about a sign in a store that he saw and it said:  Everyone can light up a room, some when they enter and some when they leave.  I will always try to be the person that lights up a room when I enter.

As I wrote this post I realized how grateful I am for these wonderful friends and I am so happy that I can share them with you. Both of these recipes are from the St. Peters Lutheran Church Cookbook, Conover NC.   Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. You have written about something that is near to me…..getting old. The aches and pains are certainly increasing and sometimes I ask the younger ones to lift something or run across the store to fetch something as the hip is hurting too bad. They sometimes ask why, as they are used to me doing everything and I say that the old body aches just a bit today. They laugh and tell me they forget how old I am because I act so young. I think you are correct in the approach to aging. Now on to the food……Susie has written a recipe that only a Southerner would understand. I remember that one from when I was young it was quite popular. Lovely post!

    • I know many people my age have challenges and I am thankful that I only have minor aches and pains. I think the fact that your co-workers forget how old you are shows what a good attitude you have. When I turned 50 I had a friend that told me the pain doesn’t go away it just moves from place to place. I laughed. It isn’t quite so funny now.

  2. I have made this cottage cheese and jello salad for years. There are all kinds of versions of it and I have made them all.
    Thanks for sharing a great classic salad.

  3. It seems everyone is familiar with this salad but me. I think it is because cottage cheese wasn’t a favorite in my home when I was growing up. I am glad I could share it with you.


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