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Hollar Mill, Hickory A Renovated Hosiery Mill

Because of growing up on a “mill hill,” it has always saddened me when I would pass an old abandoned mill of any kind.  I know that I have thought and wished that someone would renovate it and make it a restaurant or something spectacular. I am happy to say that is exactly what happened in the nearby city of Hickory.

The building was originally built in the 30’s and christened the Hollar Hosiery Mill.  The eastern side of the building was constructed in the 40’s by the Lavitt Company.  The total complex was abandoned in the 60’s.  It took three years for the renovation to be completed and the building now includes an upscale restaurant, Highland Avenue and The Crossing that is a large venue for meetings and special occasions.  A brewery and yogurt shop has recently opened at the mill along with a unique gift shop, the Farmacy.

Mr. D and I paid a visit to the Mill over Memorial Day Weekend and were very impressed with the whole complex.  Here are some pictures. We enjoyed our yogurt and they always have one sugar free flavor and that made Mr. D very happy.


Entrance to yogurt shop

I love the way the old brick has been repurposed and that is so obvious in the picture below:


Hollar Mill – Hickory

This picture shows the left hand side of the building and The Crossings venue is the entire upstairs area of this picture.


There are many common areas and the two pictures below are downstairs beside the brewery.


common area – downstairs


Another view of the downstairs common area

There are so many areas in the complex for gatherings and during the summer there are several special events scheduled for Hollar Mill.


Upstairs View of The Highland House Restaurant and I especially love these Bird Houses

The way the building is designed you can enter downstairs and take the stairs but there is additional parking on the other side of the building.  If you park there you will enter the second floor of the building and avoid the stairs.  The picture below is from that area of the complex. Yes, they do have an elevator.


This is at the top of the stairs and elevator on the second floor of the building

The Farmacy Gift Shop was closed when we visited so we will definitely have to pay them another visit.


These chairs are from the gift shop that is located downstairs in the Mill

I am sure you are wondering how the mill looked before the renovation.  Here is a picture of it and the quality isn’t great.  I copied it from an article on the internet.

Hollar Mill

Here is a link to the article if you would like to read more:

Care was taken to preserve this space when it was renovated and I think it is a successful way to make old things new.  Now, it seems they have started something and there is another mill being restored in Hickory and it will be the Lylerly Mill complex.  There is an old mill in Conover that is being renovated too and I will share pictures when it is completed.

I am very proud of the forward thinking people that wanted to honor the memory of a city that was built by manufacturing. I am glad I was able to share this with you and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Oh…………it is just wonderful! It reminds me of the market in Napa where the Hogg Island Oyster Company restaurant is located. So wonderful that it was saved and not torn down. The character it adds is wonderful. It would be such fun to explore all the offerings!

  2. I’m a huge fan of abandoned buildings and historic preservation. In Durham, they did a wonderful job repurposing all the tobacco warehouses into shopping spots, restaurants, and living spaces.

  3. Hmmmm! So maybe we should plan a road trip to Durham.


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