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July 4th – Steak by Bobby Flay and Ranch Dressing By Ina Garten

If you have been reading my blog for a while you might think I am a little weird and I will not deny it.  I think as a Southerner when someone is weird we will say they are eccentric.  Whatever you want to call me really doesn’t matter but you might think my choice of sharing a ranch dressing with you for the 4th of July to be a little strange.

When I was working extra hours over the last few weeks and browsing through my Ina Garten cookbooks,  I determined that I could whip up Ina Garten’s ranch dressing quite easily and it would be great with the fresh summer greens and vegetables.  I think if you are attending a July 4th occasion this would be a great option.  Of course, it may be passed up for baked beans, potato salad or macaroni and cheese but trust me, the guests that make that choice are missing out on something luscious.

This past weekend Mr. D and I prepared steak on the grill at home and as I was tired, he prepared most of the meal.  We had greens with sliced tomato and the wonderful ranch dressing, steak grilled using Bobby Flay’s recipe and baked potato with garlic bread.  I would call that meal restaurant quality for sure.

Here is a link to Bobby Flay’s method of preparing restaurant quality steak at home.

The only thing that we did differently was use a New York strip instead of the rib eye and we did not garnish with blue cheese as we did not have any. I must say that the steak was wonderful and we will probably continue to use this method.

Here is a picture of my ranch dressing:IMG_3476

As I share Ina Garten’s recipe below for the dressing, I do agree with her that you only need a quality portion of bibb lettuce as the salad for this dressing.  I used curly lettuce I had purchased at the farmer’s market and either cucumber or tomato to add a different texture and color.

Here is the recipe from Ina Garten’s cookbook “barefoot contessa how easy is that?.” I used green onions instead of the shallot and the dressing is just absolutely amazing.

ranch dressing


I may be eccentric or just downright weird but I have learned that you can prepare something simply and it can still be tasty.  I think the best part of the meal was sharing and cooking together with Mr. D.  It wasn’t a chore or a curse, it was spending fun time together and enjoying a restaurant meal at home.

Hope you have fun plans scheduled for the upcoming July 4th weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.


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