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A Visit to The Sanitary Restaurant, Morehead City, NC – Well….Almost


The Carolina Princess Returning From A Full Day of Deep Sea Fishing

The Carolina Princess Returning From A Full Day of Deep Sea Fishing

Last week when I shared our visit to eastern North Carolina you may have noticed that I did not mention eating seafood.  There is a real good reason for that and now it seems comical but at the time it was very disappointing.

When we started planning our Morehead City visit, we started remembering the wonderful seafood we ate at the Sanitary Fish Market in downtown Morehead City on a previous visit.

The restaurant was established in 1938 and the Garner family has been serving fresh seafood in downtown Morehead City for three generations. In the beginning the restaurant served fresh seafood caught by local fisherman.  Their goal is to provide the highest quality food available in the cleanest environment possible.

Here is a link to their website:

We decided to eat there on Saturday night. As we approached the restaurant, we noticed a very dark cloud and thought for sure we would have a thunderstorm.  We just wanted that to happen after arriving at the restaurant.  There is a large parking lot for patrons of the restaurant across the street and as we approached it, noticed it had started to rain.  Mr. D let me out at the door of the restaurant and I put our name in for a table.  As he approached the parking lot there was a large downpour accompanied by thunder and lightning.

To complicate matters, there was no parking places available in the parking lot.  I could see Mr. D making laps in the parking lot.  In the meantime, they called and our table was ready.  I told the host I was waiting for Mr. D to park the car and he told me to let him know when he arrived. He was very nice and understanding about the situation.  By now there were sheets of rain and even if he would have parked the car, he would have been drowned trying to get to the restaurant.  I went back to the front of the restaurant and he passed by.  Then the host called that our table was ready again.

I made a very disappointing decision and told him that we would just have to leave.  I went outside and motioned for Mr. D to pick me up.  We were very disappointed but knew that for some reason this wasn’t going to work out.  We went to another restaurant and ate and the food was good but I know in my mind I was comparing it to The Sanitary Restaurant.

Now it seems kind of funny as I think of Mr. D making laps in the parking lot as if he had joined NASCAR.  As the thunder and lightning was so close and so loud, I realized I might have been risking a little to much for a good meal. Everything doesn’t always go as planned when we are vacationing but I know that experience will be one we will remember for a long time.

Of course, we did eat that wonderful eastern style barbecue on Sunday at Kings in Kinston and it erased the disappointing memory of the night before.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. After parking my car at Topsail was the closest I’ve ever come to being hit by lightning. The bolt was only about 20 yards away. So I’m glad Mr. D. didn’t risk it. I don’t think we’ve explored Morehead City, so if we do, we’ll put this on our list! Have a lovely day!


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