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Summertime Southern Vegetables

I can only speak from my own Southern experiences but I do know that around this time of the year our vegetables are abundant.  The people that have gardens try to share their vegetables with the people that do not have gardens.  It can be a very casual statement between friends such as,  “do you need any tomatoes?”  Be careful how you respond or you might be the recipient of about a bushel of tomatoes. I have been both the giver and the receiver in this type of situation and I know it can be frustrating for either one. Mr D and I enjoy fresh vegetables but we can be overrun with them if someone bring us a large portion or as we say in the South “a mess of green beans, etc.”

If you are facing some of those obstacles, I have chosen three recipes that I think would incorporate fresh vegetables and would also be delicious. The first recipe is from Dori Sanders Country Cooking, ”  I love Dori’s suggestions for incorporating the jam into your meals; however, I think it would be wonderful on a fresh hot biscuit.  YUM!

tomato spice jam

The next recipe is from James Villas, “the Glory of Southern Cooking.  It has the wonderful Southern vegetable okra combined with the wonderful bacon flavor.

okra and tomatoes

The next recipe is from Amy Rogers Hungry for Home Cookbook and is similar to James Villas recipe.  As it is a Kwanzaa succotash, it appealed to me as I have heard that okra came to this country from Africa.

kwanza succotash


I am looking forward to my first taste of fresh okra this year.  I never think of okra without thinking about how the “old timers” in my life called it okre.  I guess that does sound a little better than okra.  Of course, I think one reason artichoke hasn’t ever appealed to me is because of the name.

I hope you have an abundance of fresh summer vegetables and be sure to give okra a try for sure.  It is very good even though it can be slimy.

Happy Summer and thanks for stopping by.

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