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Garden Fresh Mexican Salsa – Just What I Was Looking For

At the top of my “things I want to make this summer” list is salsa.  I had an acquaintance many years ago that made homemade salsa every summer.  It was so delicious and she canned it and gave it away as Christmas presents to her friends.  Darn!!  Many times I wished I was a friend and not an acquaintance. As I pondered over wanting to make fresh salsa, I remembered seeing a recipe in one of my cookbooks.  I just could not remember which one.  At first I thought it was in one of my local church cookbooks that has so many great recipes but it wasn’t.  I was on the right track as far as location of the cookbook because I found the recipe in my Hickory Junior Woman’s Club cookbook, “Please Don’t Eat The Geraniums.

There are so many different reasons why I love this recipe.  First of all, it does seem fairly simple to make and you can use fresh tomatoes or canned tomatoes.  The recipe only makes a small amount of salsa and it is just enough to share some with a friend or neighbor.

salsaAs I write this post, I am amazed at how our taste for food has grown in the South.  I believe our Southern youngsters of today would be totally surprised if we told them we did not have Mexican food or restaurants in the South when we were growing up.  We were raised on hot biscuits, molasses, tomato sandwiches and deviled eggs.  HMMMMMM!!!!! Maybe that really was the “good old days.”

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  1. What you say about the lack of diversity in our food growing up in the south is so true. I remember my parents taking me to the one Chinese restaurant in Durham when. I was very small and I pitched such a fit that I couldn’t get a hamburger that my mother went back to the kitchen and, mother to mother, convinced the owne’s wife to make me one. What a beastly child I was that night. And I didn’t have Chinese food again until my junior year in high school.

  2. I’m glad you found the recipe, it does sound like a good one. I agree with you about there not being very many ethnic choices going up. Now about those biscuits, tomato sandwiches and deviled eggs…they are still some of my favorite things to eat. :)


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