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Pinkie’s Pickles

This time of year all over the South women are canning, freezing or pickling fruits and vegetables.  I remember seeing all the canning supplies in grocery stores when I was younger and the whole process seemed to be a little mysterious to me.  When Mr. D and I moved into our first home here in Catawba County we planted a garden spot.  I did not realize how great the yield can be from such a small area. My friend, Pinkie and I attended the same church and  I must have mentioned at church how we had so many cucumbers and I had no idea what to do with them.  Pinkie came up to me afterwards and told me how she made pickles and I wrote it down.  I did not ask for her recipe but she was a kind lady and was trying to help me out.

When I met Pinkie she was in her mid 60’s (my age now) and I just remember what a cheerful, kind woman she was.  Last week, sadly, I read her obituary in our local paper.  She passed away at the age of 90.  I immediately searched for this recipe and knew I wanted to share it with you as a tribute to her.

pinkie's pickles

Did I make these pickles?  Yes I did and they were very tasty but I came to the conclusion that the garden and canning or pickling was lots of work. As far as I am concerned this recipe is still an easy way to preserve cucumbers.

As we get older I do think we start to wonder if we will be remembered and if so, for what?  I think Pinkie would chuckle to think that I remembered her for her pickles.  I do remember her for sharing this recipe. But most of all I remember her kindness expressed to others in so many ways.  She will not be forgotten and was truly a “Southern Church Lady.”

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hey hey hey – simmer down now! Men pickle, too! :-)


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