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Grilled Brats, Pepper and Onions and Fried Corn


Mr. D and I have been very busy over the last month or so.  Of course, we were having fun times and enjoyed ourselves.  However, this past weekend was a very pleasant stay at home weekend for us and we decided to fire up the grill on Saturday night.  Earlier in the week we had talked about how we have never cooked or eaten brats at home.  I know that may seem unusual if you live in another part of the country but brats aren’t really a Southern thing.  I decided we would have them on Saturday night and I would make fresh corn to go with them.  We purchased corn and fresh green peppers at the farmers market on Saturday morning.  I decided I would just make old fashioned Southern fried corn.  You know I have to live up to my Southern reputation of frying just about anything.


Here is how I made the corn:

Fried Corn

3 ears of fresh corn

1/2 teaspoon of bacon grease

3 tablespoons of butter

salt and pepper to taste.

I cut the corn off the cob and scraped the cob for all the corn juices.  I used a medium size frying pan and melted the bacon grease (I keep a small container of bacon grease in the fridge) over medium heat. I added the corn to the bacon grease and when it was heated throughout I added the butter.  I let the corn cook over medium heat for about seven minutes.  I removed the corn from the heat and seasoned with salt and pepper. The small amount of bacon grease did enhance the flavor of the corn.

Mr. D grilled the brats and also grilled the pepper and onions in his grilling pan.  He seasoned the peppers and onions with olive oil and salt and pepper.  He really did enjoy firing up the grill and preparing his portion of our meal.

We liked the brats and will probably have them again.  Of course, we loved the fresh corn, peppers and onion. It was a very easy meal to prepare and so tasty.

As the children will soon be returning to school, isn’t it great to savor the last days of Summer?  Thanks for stopping by.


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