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Savoring Summer Days – Memphis Bourbon Marinated Ribs

Children in our area started school on Monday and I know lots of people said, YIPPEE!!  I feel very fortunate that the school year doesn’t effect our schedule anymore.  I do remember those days of going to school and sending our daughter to school.  I know your priorities and activities during the school year effect your daily schedules.

I looked at the calendar and summer does not officially end until September 23 so I can relish in the final wonderful days of summer.  It has been extremely hot here in North Carolina this summer and it has annoyed me at times. However, as much as I love autumn, I am not in a rush to welcome it.  I think our stores have tried to get us in the mood much to early.  I was in A.C. Moore’s the other day to buy some ribbon and realized they have their Christmas ribbon out for sale.  Sorry, I just can’t think of Christmas when the temperature is hovering around 90 degrees outside.

As this summer passes, one of my fondest memories will be my visit to Memphis, Tennessee.  I have wanted to go there for such a long time and I was not disappointed.  As I savor those wonderful memories I want to share a Memphis recipe with you.  It is from my Gracious Goodness, The Taste of Memphis cookbook.  It was published by the Memphis Symphony League and is from the collection of recipes of Ellen and Richard Dixon.

memphis ribs

As Mr. D is really into grilling right now, he got quite excited when I told him about this recipe and was ready to go out and buy the bourbon whiskey. I do think we will be grilling ribs soon.  As I read this recipe, the taste of the barbecue I ate on Beale Street came to mind.  I do believe the richness of their barbecue sauce came from bourbon and I think there is only one way to find out and that is to make the above sauce.

I hope you are savoring your end of summer days and have wonderful memories made throughout this summer of 2015.  Thanks for stopping by.

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