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Our Choice For Sunday Dinner – Carolina Okra Beignets

I keep a list of recipes that I want to make.  For a year now, the above recipe has been on that list.  I saw it last Summer in Our State Magazine and clipped it but did not make it before all the fresh okra of the summer had disappeared.  I will tell you that in the past I have not been very successful in making fried okra. I have never been able to fry the okra and have the breading to attach to the okra successfully. This recipe seemed quite different and I loved the idea of adding the green pepper and onion to the okra.

Here is the picture of our okra beignets.


The recipe is time consuming because you do have to slice the okra, chop the onion and bell pepper.  However, compared to making fried okra from scratch it takes about the same amount of time.  I used panko crumbs for my bread crumbs and it made the beignets very crispy.  Also, instead of using a skillet, we used our small deep fat fryer.  Here is the recipe.

okra beignets

The crispiness of the beignet along with the small amount of tabasco sauce made this a great alternative to the fried okra that is usually breaded in cornmeal. This is a great choice for a diabetic because of the small amount of flour and breading included in the recipe.

Mr. D has already asked if we could have this again and I do think this one is a real keeper.  If you haven’t ever tried okra, this would be a great way to sample it.  It is far from the slimy okra that seems so unappetizing.

Thanks for stopping by.

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