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Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 2015

We just returned from our annual vacation to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  We had a great time and today I am sharing some pictures from our week at our most favorite vacation place of all.

We love to ride our bicycles on the bike trails.  I had a minor accident one day when I ran into this tree on the trail.  I fought the tree and the tree won. No worries though and I am very thankful that I only had skinned knees.


The picture below is a road view of Sea Pines Plantation


This picture shows why we think the beach at Hilton Head is so beautiful

IMG_3946 - Copy

These are our seats saved for next year.


A shrimp boat on the horizon


These are the marshes as you are leaving Hilton Head Island and crossing the bridge.

IMG_3958Mr. D’s picture of Harbortown lighthouse at sunset


Another Beach View

Picture of the Marshes as you cross the bridge onto Hilton Head Island

The low country marshes as you cross the bridge to Hilton Head Island

This is my picture of the harbortown waterfront at sunset.


We have visited Hilton Head Island South Carolina for about 35 years and this year I tried to savor everything that we experienced.  We have made so many wonderful memories at this special place.  As we were leaving, I realized that over this long period of time many things have changed at Hilton Head Island.  At the same time, I was amazed at how many things are exactly the same. In this fast paced world that changes so quickly, it is comforting to know that some beautiful places in this world haven’t changed.

Thanks for stopping by.

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