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It’s Fall Y’all – Let’s Bake Some Golden Raisin Gingerbread

Okay, so I love summer but I have finally accepted the fact that it is autumn.  Here in the foothills of North Carolina, we have been blessed with a rainy weekend.  I am not complaining because we have been experiencing a very hot, dry summer.  Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn too and I just bought my fall pumpkin to put on my front porch.  Always, in the fall, I start thinking of the wonderful fragrant smells of bread baking.

When I saw the recipe I am sharing with you today, I could just imagine how wonderful my home would smell while this bread is baking.  I love the combination of raisins and ginger along with the brown sugar.  Don’t you think the sour cream and buttermilk would make this exceptionally moist?


As the recipe is introduced, it is suggested to serve this warm with ice cream or bourbon whipped cream.  Below is the recipe for the bourbon whipped cream.  I have never added bourbon to my whipped cream but I do like to add different flavors such as almond to mine.

bourbon wcThis recipe is from the cookbook Lee Bailey’s Country Desserts.  This cookbook is so beautifully illustrated.  I just drool everytime I look through the book.  Here is the front cover of the book that was published in 1988.

Lee Bailey's Desserts Cookbook

Well now my fall “To Do” list includes putting the pumpkin on the porch, decorating my house and making a luscious loaf of bread that will make it smell so warm and comforting.

I hope you enjoy fall to and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Yes, yummy! Except without the raisins! But now I’m watching my diet a bit, so :-(


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