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These Yams Will Be On Our Thanksgiving Table

Everytime I read the recipe for Orange Candied Yams that I am sharing with you today, my mouth starts watering.  If I was having a last meal, I do believe it would include Pirate House Yams from their cookbook.  If you haven’t read my blog before, The Pirate’s House is a restaurant in Savannah, Georgia that serves excellent Southern Cuisine. I have shared this recipe before on my blog but you might have missed it.

The second recipe is simpler to make and I ate that version on my last visit to Pirate’s House in September.  It is very tasty too..  One of the great things I have discovered about the orange candied yams recipe is that you can make the gravy or syrup mixture and freeze it.  On Thanksgiving or Christmas Day, you can prepare the yams and defrost the syrup mixture and bake according to the directions. I have used the Splenda sugar substitute in this gravy recipe as Mr. D is a diabetic and actually could not tell the difference in using regular sugar.


I always bake my sweet potatoes or yams earlier in the week, when I am preparing my Thanksgiving meal.  I can’t imagine haven’t a special Thanksgiving or Christmas meal without these wonderful Orange Candied Yams.  That is one thing I am thankful for this year.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. These do sound very delightful! You find the most delightful recipes, always. Hope your pre-holiday times are filled with joy and anticipation.


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