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James Villas Pocketbook Rolls For Thanksgiving or Anytime

Even though we traditionally eat the same meal every year at Thanksgiving, I like to change a couple of the sides or the desserts.  This year I decided to make these pocketbook rolls and freeze as indicated.  I will have them available for Thanksgiving and other occasions during the holidays. This is from the James Villas Cookbook, The Glory of Southern Cooking.

pocketbook rolls

I made these on Saturday and was proud of the results.  I knew I really needed to make them ahead of time as I will be too busy with other preparations during the next few days.

I enjoy cooking all year but always look forward to cooking during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So, Y’all let the cooking begin.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. ………….and all these years I though only my Grandmother knew of this recipe!! We called them Oma’s Rolls because nobody else knew how to make them. You continuously reach into my past and find treasures tucked there. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

    • That is so funny! That was one of my goals of writing this blog, to share memories and treasures from our past for the next generation. I am glad it brought back happy memories of you and your Grandmother, Oma. I wish a very happy Thanksgiving for you too!


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