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Christmas Trees from Nature, Sugar Cookie Dough or Paper Plates

First of all, last Saturday Mr. D and I rode up to Meadow of the Dan Virginia.  I have blogged about it many times and shared how much we enjoy Nancy’s Candy Kitchen (a wonderful candy shop) and Chateau Morrisette ( A winery in a beautiful location).  We debated on whether I should take my camera and I decided not to as I have blogged about that area so many times.

However, as we were riding through Jefferson North Carolina, I started to see Christmas Tree Farms and realized I needed to share those pictures with you.  It may be something we take for granted here but it might be something you haven’t every seen.  Here are a few of the picture that were taken in North Carolina and Virginia. In the first picture the dots in the pasture are cows and I loved having a picture of the trees and the cows together in the same area.  No matter the time of year, I always enjoy visiting this area of the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia.


20151128_162352 20151128_162228


Below I am sharing with you two of my favorite sugar cookie recipes.  The first one is a sugar cookie recipe I started making for and with my daughter when she was growing up.  We had some disastrous messes in the kitchen when she started to helping me to make them when she was around two years old and by the way, she is 41 now.  The flavor of the cookie is so rich and wonderful. I always use the almond and vanilla extract combination and it gives the cookies more flavor.

sugar cookies


The following recipe is for Mr. D and he enjoys the thumbprint cookies that I have been making for him since we realized he was diabetic.  Instead of using the equal I now use the baking splenda in these cookies.  I will make them for Mr. D this weekend.thumbprint cookies

And going along with the Christmas tree theme, I have seen this craft many times during the season and I love the idea of making a tree out of  a paper plate.  I think our daycare toddler class will do this for their parents.  I wanted to share it because I think it would be a fun thing to share with the young ones in your life.  I don’t think they would be quite as messy as the sugar cookies. There is a link to the website and specific instructions at the bottom of the picture.

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Beautiful . Traditional . Simple . Lovely

  2. I posted this to a facebook friends page that might like the thumb print cookie recipe. Thanks for sharing.


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