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The Championship Game – Carolina Panthers Versus Arizona Cardinals

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On Sunday the NFL Carolina Panthers football team will play for the NFC championship.  They are based in Charlotte and have only lost one game this year.  We aren’t really big football fans anymore.  At one time we followed all the games and Mr. D was lucky enough to attend the Panthers inaugural game that was played in Clemson, South Carolina.  Here is a picture of that inaugural game ticket.

inagural ticket 2

I lived in Charlotte after graduating from a local community college and that is where Mr. D and I met.  Our first home after marriage was in Huntersville, NC that is in the Lake Norman area of Mecklenburg County.  I tried to think of some special recipe to share with you today as I browsed through my Cooking With Authority cookbook published by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Hospital Authority in 1990.

The following recipes brought back special memories for me of recipes that I made or ate during the early years of our marriage. The first one is porcupine meatballs and I remember making these for Mr. D and I failed to cook the rice first.  They were not good to say the least but he was always so encouraging and never said a word until after the meal.  Then he did mention that he thought they were just a little bit to crunchy.

porcupine meatballs

The second recipe is a very easy cake recipe that anyone can make.  It reminds me of a recipe that a co-worker shared with me.  We had a fellow employee with a birthday and had forgotten.  She went out at lunch and bought the ingredients and made this cake for him.  I don’t remember the yogurt being in the recipe and I honestly believe she used cherry pie filling.  All in all it was good and our birthday friend was remembered on their special day.  In the 70’s we did not have deli-bakeries in our grocery stores so you couldn’t run out and purchase a cake and have a birthday wish written on it.  We have so many conveniences today that we take for granted.

angel food cake dessert

As I write this post we are in the middle of a snowstorm and I hope you are safe and warm today.  Also, I hope the Carolina Panthers Keep Pounding all the way to the Super Bowl in two weeks.  Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hope you’re safe and warm, SSS! Go Panthers!


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