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Carolina Panthers – Super Bowl and Alton Brown WIngs

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I have to say that I am getting excited about the Super Bowl game on Sunday and the possibility of the Carolina Panthers winning it all as they play the Denver, Broncos.  I live about 60 miles from Charlotte and that is the home of the Panthers.  Needless to say, there is a lot of hype and excitement about the game here.  For some time I have not been that excited about professional sports in general.  I do watch Nascar and that is or was a very Southern thing at one time.  Most professional sports have become so corporate and I know from my corporate days that it is a “meet and greet” event for so many companies. Lots of people can’t afford the tickets anymore.

However, I did watch the Panthers win the championship game two weeks ago and I have to admit that it was exciting. I know I will be excited again on Sunday Night as we watch the game. Before I share the Chicken Wings Recipe I will be making for Sunday, I do have a few snippets about the Panthers that I want to share with you.  Some of them are from local newscasts over the last couple of weeks.

One of the Panthers defensive players was asked what he thought of playing Peyton Manning and he said if he intercepted one of Peyton’s passes he would then go to Peyton and bow down to him.  I am a BIG Peyton Manning fan too.

The Panthers tradition this year that was started by Cam Newton is to give the football to a child after scoring a touchdown.  I love to see that and the excitement of the kids in the end zone.

Ron Rivera, the coach of the Panthers, had a wonderful sendoff from his neighbors and his yard and neighborhood was decorated with encouraging fans as he left for San Francisco on Sunday.

There was a pep rally in Charlotte last Friday and 30,000 people attended.  On Sunday as the Panthers left for California, people had lined up for hours along their destination route to the airport to cheer them on.

And lastly, I have always thought Payton Manning was such a classy quarterback and have always wanted him to win, but not this time.  I also think that Cam Newton is a great role model.  There has been much criticism about him but when I watched him in the championship game, I saw a player that has a great passion and love for the game.  By the way, Peyton was born in New Orleans and Cam was born in Atlanta.  Hmmmm, just two good old Southern boys that have done good.

Today, I am sharing a link to a food network post of Alton Brown and it is for chicken wings.  It has a video of Alton preparing the wings and I think that is a great help.  Mr. D and I wanted crispy wings that were then basted in a sauce.  That is what appealed to me about Alton’s version. We are looking forward to making these on Sunday.

I hope you will join with me and pull for the Panthers on Sunday.  Winter isn’t my favorite time of the year but the excitement of the Super Bowl has changed my focus and given me something special to look forward to.  I hope the Panthers Keep On Pounding and lots of kids in the end zone get Cam Newton footballs.  YIPPEE!  YAY!  YAY!



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