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A Return To Normal and Onion Roasted Potatoes

For the last few months I would say I haven’t been blogging with the passion I had in the past.  There is only one reason for that and it is because I haven’t felt like blogging.  In August of last year I was given an antibiotic that I was obviously allergic too.  The side effects was upper thigh pain and actually my muscles would go into a spasm.  I continued to work part-time and help to keep our home going but I just didn’t feel like blogging.  I really wondered at times whether I should just give it up.

It was sad that I had to lean on my shopping cart when I went to the grocery store.  I could only sit in a chair in a classroom at work and it had to be what child care people call “a big people chair”.  I continued through the holidays and of course I cooked and decorated and shopped. I went to the gym and tried to exercise in some way or other as often as I could.  I think my determination could be called stubbornness but I kept trying.

I am thankful for Mr. D that encouraged me, helped me get off the couch and did as much as he could to help me to feel better.  I am thankful for my friends that were concerned about me.  I am especially thankful for my co-workers. I work with lots of young girls and I thought they would get annoyed with me and want me to go away.  However, they have encouraged me to sit down when I enter a room.  They have gotten my big people chair for me and had it ready when I came into a room.  They would offer the easiest options for me in taking care of the kids when I was in the room. They are really a special group of ladies and I really appreciate them. Of course, you have the disappointment of people that you have cared about and tried to help through things that haven’t even bothered to contact you and ask you how you are feeling.  That is just a way of letting you know who really care about you.

The happy ending to this is I am feeling better.  I don’t have muscle cramps anymore and I am going to the gym regularly and trying to use all of my muscles and do some cardio.  I can tell my legs are stronger and at times my thigh muscles will cramp up for a minute but that is as long as it will last.  Yesterday, I was leaving a store and realized I could not only walk at a normal pace but I could really walk fast. That made me realize I am returning to normal.

Thanks so much for reading this very long post and you know I have to share a recipe with you.  This is very easy to make and is great for a cookout, covered dish meal or just about anything.  I have been making it for a very long time and we enjoy it every time I make it.

Onion Roasted Potatoes

1 envelope of dry onion soup mix

2 pounds of white potatoes washed and cut into large chunks

1/3 cup of olive oil or vegetable oil.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.  In large plastic bag, add all ingredients.  Close bag and shake until potatoes are evenly coated.  Empty potatoes into a shallow baking or roasting pan ( I use the 9 x 13 inch size pan); discard bag.  Bake, stirring occasionally, 40 minutes or until potatoes are tender and golden brown.  Garnish, if desired, with chopped parsley.  Makes about 8 servings.

I really believe as you get older there are two groups of people that you can join.  The first group accepts being old, talks about being old and thrives on being old.  The second group and I am definitely one of those, just keeps trying, keeps moving and wants to stay positive as long as they can.  The people I associate with are people that are as stubborn as I am as far as getting older is concerned.  I don’t think we will ever run out of projects and ways to stay active, healthy and happy.

I do look forward to sharing with you and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Thanks for sharing what’s been going on in your life. As I’m growing older I am feeling some changes in my body that makes me have more aches, cramps and generally slow down. I’ve missed seeing and hearing from you and I’m glad you are moving to more normal. I always enjoy your blogs and recipes. Hope you will continue to improve.

  2. I am glad to hear you are feeling better, SSS. I have wondered if you were okay, but I too know that one’s desire to blog can ebb and flow. If there’s anything I can do to help others encourage, please let me know. I’m here for you.

  3. I am glad you are feeling better.


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