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Southwestern Black Bean Salad

It seems as if every time I participate in a covered dish meal I discover a recipe that I just have to try.  Last week we had a covered dish meal at work and I had some of this Southwestern Black Bean Salad.  It was very unusual and so tasty.  I knew I had to find the person that made it and see if they would share the recipe.  As you can see, my co-worker Kendra was very generous and shared it with me.

I am not a big fan of avocado but there is just enough in this recipe to give it good flavor.  The other ingredients including one of my favorites, cilantro, blend together so well.

southwestern bean salad

This is a good summer salad recipe for just about anything.  It is really good for Mr. D as it doesn’t include pasta but includes beans, corn and other vegetables.  I do believe it is going to be a favorite.

Thanks Kendra for sharing this great salad with your friends and thanks for being generous with the recipe too.  Will this be in my ‘things I want to make” folder?  Yes, it will and it might be a great choice for one of our meals next week.

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