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Wing Haven, Charlotte NC – A Beautiful Garden

I don’t remember the first time I heard of Wing Haven.  It could have been when I lived in Charlotte, NC many years ago.  It could have been when I read the Kays Gary Column of the Charlotte Observer.  It is also possible that it was featured in Southern Living Magazine. I have been wanting to go there in the Spring for the last few years.  However, it seemed as if every time that we planned to visit it would rain.  This year that did not happen even though the weather was in the 60’s when we visited.

Here is information about Wing Haven from their brochure.

wing haven

Here is a link to their website:

I am sharing lots of pictures of the garden and I can say that I was not disappointed.  I am amazed at the vision of Elizabeth and Edwin Clarkson.  When they purchased their home it was in a plot of good old red clay.  They had no professional people to help them only to people to help them dig the gardens.  All of the garden is hand dug.

The picture below is the first glimpse you get of the Gardens as you enter them.


The first area is very woodsy and the sound of the birds is absolutely lyrical.


Here is a picture of violets in bloom.


I took lots of pictures of azaleas as they are a Springtime favorite.


This is a long range view of the first area of the gardens.  This is so woodsy and at the same time so beautiful.


This is a view of the side garden of the Clarkson home.


A beautiful white fluffy azalea


Another beautiful view and as you look at the pictures, I think it is hard to imagine that this is only three and a half acres.


More azaleas


Another garden view with an awning of wisteria.  That is a favorite of mine, too.


A Camellia in bloom(I think)


An azalea closeup


One of many bird houses in the garden

IMG_4122 IMG_4123

A picture of the brick wall that encompasses the garden and the brick fireplace.


A dogwood in bloom


Another camellia in bloom


Some of the azaleas are huge and the white ones have always been a favorite for me.


One of the garden paths.


Another view, with an awning of Wisteria.  It was so beautiful and peaceful.  Wing Haven is located in the city of Charlotte and what a refuge from the noise.


Below is a picture of the herb garden.  They had the herbs categorized in planting for medicinal purposes, cooking, etc.


This is the base of one of the huge trees in the garden.  I am sure this makes a good home for a rabbit or other small creature.


The roses were just beginning to bloom when we visited.


A view of a different part of the garden that is more structured but still very beautiful.


I think this is a part of the rose garden.


Tulips were beginning to bloom during our visit.


Below is a picture of the hen house that is part of the children’s garden.  Yes, there are chickens and a rooster in the house.




Another view of the children’s garden.  Educational presentations are presented to school children when they visit the gardens.


The picture below reminds me of some of the gardens at Biltmore House in Asheville, NC


A snowball bush in bloom and again, I love snowball bushes.


Mr. D and I at the end of the tour.  We really enjoyed ourselves and I am so happy to mark something off of my bucket list.


Just one of the many garden statues.  They were placed so beautifully in the gardens.


Mr. D took the picture below and we did not realize how special it was until we came home.  I think he wins the prize for the best picture and it stirs such good memories for me of this beautiful place.


This is a picture of the Clarkson home and it really is not a very large home.  It does have beautiful surroundings.


I would recommend a visit to Wing Haven if you are in the Charlotte area.  It is such a beautiful peaceful place.  Even though we visited a few weeks ago, I can look at these pictures and think of how comforting this haven was and still is.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. How lovely and what wonderful pictures. I hope your spirits are rising with the spring flowers. I miss Southern springs. My mother loved azaleas, though she never grew them. And we had wisteria in front of the house. Thank you for sharing, SSS.


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