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Frozen Slaw

I know cole slaw is a Southern thing and I do enjoy eating it with sandwiches or fish.  When I saw this recipe, I thought it was a great option for a picnic or covered dish meal.  As I was reading the recipe and realized that you could prepare it ahead of time, I thought it would be a problem solver for situations where we are pressed for time.  I love the idea of adding carrot, red pepper and green pepper to the slaw. The traditional slaw that I am familiar with consists of cabbage, mayonnaise, vinegar and pickles.  I have added carrots to my cole slaw and love the texture it adds to the mixture.

Freezer Slaw (2)

I know the Memorial Day weekend has already started and I am a little late.  However, I know we will have many special occasions throughout the summer that would be great for this recipe.
The recipe is from Music, Menus and Magnolias by The Charleston Symphony Orchestra League of Charleston, South Carolina.  That cookbook was calling my name when I came home from Charleston and I just knew I was going to find a real prize.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  Let’s us pause during the weekend to thank the many soldiers that sacrificed their lives for our wonderful freedom.


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  1. How would have thought that you could freeze slaw, you would think the texture would be ruined.


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